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Our training, coaching and mentorship programs are intentionally designed to help you upskill with digital skills that will keep you relevant, make you employable, set you apart and give you more income options.

Learn Digital Skills

We offer practical training from professionals who make a living from their digital skills. Participants can duplicate and achieve success faster.


Customised training

Do you need customised training programs for yourself, your team, organisation or project? Book a session to discuss your needs.


Digital Skills Consultancy

Are you an individual, group of professionals, business or organisation that needs to know how you can adopt digital skills? 


Start earning using Digital Skills

Our mantra – you should never go broke with a Digital Skill. You can generate income from Digital Skills and we can show you how. No expertise needed.


Digital skills are an essential skill which individuals will need at a basic level to remain relevant, have resilience, be able to survive and generate income

The digital skills training and services we offer are practical and do not require participants to have expert tech skills to benefit from them. We have intentionally simplified our content. Every participant who applies themselves can transform their lives using what we share – the key being to apply what they will have learned. 

The skills we teach, correctly implemented will generate income, and employment, improve livelihoods, build resilience against crisis and empower the participants through mental development. Our programs are holistic and cater for the student/graduate to the executive.

Current programs on offer.

Meet the visionaries

This program has been birthed from the merging of two women in tech, driven by identical desires to see people succeed, thrive and have better lives from adopting digital skills. Combined they bring over 20years of professional experience and 10years being in the tech-space. 

Tofara Chokera (CDMP)

Founder of TofaraOnline Digital Marketing and Innovation

She empowers women and MSMEs to embrace digital marking and innovative tech-driven solutions for business and career development as a career.

Loveness Nleya

Director OutLoud Private Limited

She works with individuals, businesses and brands to maximise tech and the internet for urban resilience; career, business and income growth. She lives by #TechMakingADifference.

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Get the latest news 

Before you think too deep, too tech, let us re-assure you that our content is not too deep for a non-tech person to understand, but it will leave you either inspired, informed, fascinated or laughing your lungs out.

Digital Skills Incubation

The program includes coaching and training for people to adopt or learn specific digital skills, monetise those skills plus plan for success.

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Share and earn

Earn referral commissions from sharing our programs with your network, online and offline.

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Digital skills needed in schools

Education is meant to equip the learners with the skills to meet emerging and new generation technology needs in various industries.

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