Why are digital skills important

Why are digital skills important

18/07/2022 Digital skills defined 0

Take a moment and ponder on the image shown above. THERE WERE TRAFFIC SIGNS as we know them now. Can you imagine what it was like driving during that time? Traffic signs became a necessity because of the traffic that was now on the road and the need to have a system to make it orderly. Traffic signs were a necessity of progress.

What has that to do with Digital Skills? EVERYTHING! Not so long ago tech experts were the ones who had to know the internet and digital devices. That is no longer the case. The digitalisation of processes and the integration of tech in people’s lives has necessitated the abrupt shift of digital skills from being optional skills to being essential skills.

The adoption of digital transformation is the key to survival for businesses and the people that make up the labour force and those who desire to. Think of the impact COVID-19 on business as we know it. Permanent decisions were made during this crisis. Now there is remote working, hybrid working, and virtual collaboration, just to mention a few examples. 

Digital transformation is not only changing the way we work but also the way we live. Think about online shopping, virtual events, smart homes and devices, just to mention a few. Like the traffic light, digital skills have become inevitable to thrive in this age and beyond. Knowing how to read traffic signs and understanding them has become a requirement for both the pedestrian and the driver. Adopt digital skills to be future-fit. You do not have to be a tech expert to get digital skills.

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